Words of Wisdom: “What’s Meant For You Will Not Miss You”-Sheryl Lee Ralph

This video has been seen by millions already, but I’m sharing it again because I watch it still as a reminder to keep working towards my goals. After Sheryl Lee Ralph won the Emmy for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series, she shared some great Words of Wisdom for those of us still fighting to achieve our dreams!

I’ve watched this woman for YEARS and to see her finally get her flowers was such a beautiful, emotional moment! She always glows, but she was really glowing that night. Afterward, on the red carpet, she shared an inspiring moment in an interview, encouraging others to not give up. What’s for you will not miss you. “You must believe in yourself. You must really get up off the sidelines of your own life, and get in there, and fight for you!” the actress shared.

What Ms. Sheryl spoke was true. If you have a dream, a true God-given purpose on this earth, you can’t quit on it. What’s for you won’t pass you by…unless you give up. You have to continuously work and hone your gifts, even if you’re not getting this incredible public recognition or achievements. Keep showing up and fighting for YOU.

Watch this living legend’s Words of Wisdom below!

One thought on “Words of Wisdom: “What’s Meant For You Will Not Miss You”-Sheryl Lee Ralph”

  1. 😁😍😍 I saw this!!!! I saw the night she gave that speech, no lie, I cried because it was what I needed to hear, I got so busy with EVERYTHING and EVERYONE else that I Gave up on ME!!!! I promised myself that i wasn’t going to let thr new year come in and I remain in the same stagnant position… 💛💛 2023 I started blogging again, I just submitted a short story that I wrote, I’m spending more time with my little ones.. Sheryl Lee Ralph blessed my soul with that speech and I’m so grateful


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