Inspirational Jam: “I Ain’t Stressin Today”-Dear Silas

Dear Silas/Instagram

“Ain’t got time for all that stressing
I’m receiving all my blessings
‘Bout to love and hug myself cause I got time today

This song by rapper Dear Silas has been out for over a year, but I’m just now hearing it so I wanted to share it as an Inspirational Jam! “I Ain’t Stressin’ Today” is most definitely a MOOD.

On the track, Silas is on his positive vibes as he starts another day, focusing on the good in his life instead of just the problems. And, while I don’t believe in toxic positivity, I think it’s important to enter the day with good energy instead of a “Woe is Me” attitude. Your thoughts affect your actions which ultimately affect your results. This song was a reminder of that for me. Plus, it’s a BOP!

Watch the official video below!

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