Words of Wisdom: “It’s Okay to Pace Yourself with Your Goals”-Kelly Rowland

Instagram/Kelly Rowland

I had to share these Words of Wisdom from Kelly Rowland because it definitely encouraged me today. I hope that it helps someone else who may, like me, struggle with all of the ideas we have in our heads.

In what appears to be a panel, Kelly encouraged the audience watching “I don’t think God gives us ideas for them to just stay dormant inside of our bodies and inside of our thoughts. We’re supposed to let them out,” she shared. However, she admitted that it is still important to PACE OURSELVES. To not put so much pressure on having to do everything in a given time period. It’s really our own self-imposed deadlines that trip us up.

I was encouraged by this because I have SO. MANY. IDEAS. constantly swimming in my head. Many of us do, especially if you’re a creative soul. It can be very overwhelming thinking that you have to do everything at once and, if you don’t, you’re some kind of failure. False. We are each only one person and we cannot do it all. That’s another post for another day.

In this clip, Kelly encouraged the audience to take their goals piece by piece, and even gave examples from her own personal life. It was a good reminder that you don’t have to have everything together. Simply start by planning out your work, go step by step, and don’t stop.

Watch Kelly’s wise words below!

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