Hoping today’s #MondayMotivation from entrepreneur and author Tim Fargo pushes you to let go of some of your excuses today. I’ve learned, especially during this pandemic, that there is truly a difference between giving yourself grace and giving blatant excuses as to why you don’t have time or simply can’t do something.

For me, grace was my understanding that I needed time to heal from a breakup and figure out the next steps in my life and career. However, excuses came in after that time had clearly had past, and I had gotten caught up in bad habits again like binge eating and slacking on work I needed to do.

I have enough self-accountability to admit that I’ve simply excused some behavior and lack of action sometimes. I could have done better in some areas of my life, but I got complacent. I had to be honest about the fact that I had gotten lazy and undisciplined. I had stopped working on the things I needed for myself because I had begun comparing myself to others again. I let fear and inconsistency get in my way.

We excuse a lot, y’all. And our excuses are what are killing the gifts, dreams, and passions that have been put inside of us. Motivation may help you get something started. Passion and purpose inspire you to keep going, but ultimately, discipline and consistency (even in rough times) are what’s going to help you finish.

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