Coco Jones performing

Words of Wisdom: “Accept the Seasons of Your Life”-Coco Jones

Coco Jones has continued to rise in prominence with both her music and acting career. She has shined on the hit reboot Bel-Air on Peacock. If you’re old enough, you likely remember her from her Disney days (who remembers Let It Shine?! I was too old but I watched!).

As Coco has grown up, the singer has also matured emotionally and mentally. Of course, you know that means I’m dropping some Words of Wisdom from her today!

In a conversation with Gia Peppers for xoNecole, Coco opened up about the advice she received in therapy about accepting the seasons of life and working through them. If you’ve lived long enough, you know that there are cloudy days, sunny days, and days where it feels like a hurricane just hit. However, rough times really can’t last forever. “It can never rain all day, every day. We’d flood,” she stated. “Maybe you’re in a season, but the weather always has to change.”

Instead of being mad and bitter in this season, Coco advised us all to take advantage of it. Even in the midst of the rainy season of your life, there is an opportunity to advance. “What do you need to learn? Sometimes the season is for growth,” the actress shared.

So what are you doing in your rainy season, in a season where you feel like all is lost and you want to give up? Are you going to try to work through it or completely quit?

Watch the WORD Coco delivered below and let it encourage you!

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