Kicking this week off, as usual, with some #MondayMotivation! I hope it moves you all to get to work towards your new goals. This quote is a simple but powerful one from novelist George Konrad.

As we all know, starting anything new is very scary. Even with talent and experience, you’re stepping into the unknown. You’re not sure if your feet are going to hit something solid or if you’re about to fall into a dark, neverending hole. Or you’re on this murky path where something can jump out at you and take you down at any moment.

Anyway, having courage isn’t necessarily going all out from the beginning. It’s really taking continuous small steps towards what you want, even when it’s hard. If you’re writing a book, maybe it’s a few sentences or paragraphs a day. If you’re looking for a new job, maybe it’s just reevaluating and revising your resume to send out later. 

Little steps still lead to big results. You just have to push past your fears and keep on stepping.

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