Inspirational Jam: “Own This Life”-MOR

“Shutting out noise that distracts attention…getting close to my own intention. And hear her speaking, ‘You got only one life.'”

Sharing this Inspirational Jam that I heard on a TV show from singer MOR! Her vocals on “Own This Life” are soothing, but the track is also encouragement to live your best life while you still have it.

On the song, MOR sings of taking her life in her hands, cutting out distractions, and living without the approval of others. She encourages others to do the same. Sometimes, we lose ourselves in the opinions of others and don’t believe in ourselves like we should. “What would happen if I took more chances? Dared to believe that I’m attracting deeper meaning?” MOR sings on a verse.

It may sound cliche, but we all need that reminder sometimes. I know I needed it as I try new things and go on new adventures, even if it’s solo. Your life is your own…so own it.

Take a listen to the song below!

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