Words of Wisdom: “Sometimes the Redirection is the Blessing”-Kehlani

I’ve had these Words of Wisdom from singer Kehlani saved in an Instagram collection for a while now. This is really for me, but if it hits, let it stick.

In an interview, Kehlani spoke about the fact that redirection could end up being one of the biggest blessings of your life. Often, when things don’t go our way, we become upset and down because we don’t see the bigger picture. Sometimes, the losses, upsets, and downright ugly moments of our lives open up other opportunities and fresh perspectives.

I know this for myself all too well. For me, my redirection was after a bad breakup (it’s always a freaking relationship!). After spending about half of my twenties on what I thought was something real, the relationship ended in an unexpected and angering way. I was lowkey lost and miserable. Not even because I lost that person (which says a lot about the relationship itself, but because of all of the time I wasted. However, I learned that I needed to be alone to learn to love myself and assert my worth more. I couldn’t seek validation from another man. I had to be happy with God and myself above all else. It gave me a better perspective on who I am as a woman and what I needed to get better at. However, I would’ve never worked through all of those feelings if that breakup hadn’t happened. To quote Beyoncé, thank GOD I found the good in goodbye!

We’ve all had moments of things not going the way that we expect them to. How many of you can look back now and say that it was honestly for the best? That you became even better after that lost job, toxic friendship, or failed relationship? I know I can.

Watch Kehlani speak on this briefly below.

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