Words of Wisdom: “Don’t Be Afraid to Be Difficult”-Simone Ashley

Simone Ashley

I hope these Words of Wisdom from actress Simone Ashley (Bridgerton, Sex Education) help motivate someone who is struggling to find and use their voice!

The actress previously shared this brief video of advice with Glamour for anyone who may be deemed “difficult” for speaking their mind or demanding respect. “Maybe someone’s just following their instincts and speaking out for themselves. And I think why not? Why wouldn’t you?” Simone said. Amen, sis!

I personally have really struggled with this in the past. I’ve stayed quiet for fear of “rocking the boat” or causing conflict in jobs, dating, etc. I’ve even had a fear of looking dumb to others with my questions or thoughts. Today, I don’t care as much. Maybe that comes with age or more experience. However, I think it also comes with more confidence and self-love, which I’ve found more in the past few years. I’ve learned that my voice and my thoughts matter and could be helpful, so I’m going to speak up when I feel the need.

I think this clip is important to remember, especially for women and people of color in this society. Sometimes, we stay quiet and refuse to speak up on issues or share opinions, because we may be stereotyped or maybe even retaliated against, especially at work. It’s understandable. However, weigh out the matter and if it’s truly worth speaking up. Don’t be afraid to rock the table a bit, especially if it’s on something you really believe in.

Watch Simone’s clip below!

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