Sharing some #MondayMotivation with you all today. A simple quote but a powerful one, especially for me and my fellow procrastinators. Or maybe those of you who feel “off track” in this month of June 2022. You can still start and end the year further ahead than when you started!

I am COMPLETELY a broken record, but I saw this quote and immediately thought of my EATING. I’ve been briefly honest about my struggles with binge eating and using food as a way to cope with emotional issues. The problem has been rearing its ugly head BAD lately. It’s become a habit for me, especially when I go a while without eating. I know I’m not the only person with that issue.

We all have our habits, but then we end up trying to break them with these extreme “punishments” to get ourselves “back on track.” Like if I’ve binged one day, I might skip breakfast and lunch the next to feel a little better about myself or put myself through some heinous workout. The problem is that that doesn’t do anything long-term.

I think about when I was the most successful at getting healthier. I gave up soda and started drinking more water. I meal prepped meals I liked and started tracking my food. And did an Insanity workout with Shaun T once a day (pure insanity indeed, but it worked). Nothing crazy or over the top. Just consistent, small steps. That’s what results stem from: consistent small steps. And starting today instead of waiting until the next day, next month or next year. I don’t care if we’re six days in the sixth month of the year. 2022 can still be a great year for us all.

I choose to start today towards my health journey with one small step: avoiding my local dollar store for any groceries. The problem is that it’s right down the street from my place so it’s nothing to drive down and get a quick snack (SNACKS okay? Which is why your girl’s gotten a little fluffier lately). Beyond my weight, I have to think about my health and my energy. Both of which I need to be in better shape in order to have energy for this website, working on my Imperfectly B Shop, and my Zumba classes to reach other people. So that’s my commitment for me and those of y’all who support me!

What do you plan to start today?

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