Inspirational Jam: “About Damn Time”-Lizzo

About Damn Time Lizzo Single Cover

“Turn up the music, let’s celebrate (alright)…I got a feelin’ I’m gon’ be okay. Okay (okay), alright…it’s about damn time!

Had to bring this song into the mix for an Inspirational Jam! Lizzo‘s “About Damn Time” has been on replay for me since its release on April 14, 2022. So, if you haven’t heard it yet, you have to listen! Hopefully, it lifts your mood today.

Many of us, especially during this ongoing pandemic, have been going THROUGH IT. Whether we admit it or not. A little over two years later, things have somewhat calmed down, but now we’re dealing with the aftermath. We’ve been battling higher levels of stress, anxiety, depression, grief, the ups and downs of telework or going back into the office, and the list goes on and on.

Slowly but surely, I have been getting back to a better place mentally and emotionally, as I try to tackle life. And can I say, it’s really ABOUT DAMN TIME!

I hope this song uplifts someone’s spirits today. Get up and dance, even for a moment, remind I love Lizzo’s energy and vibes, too, so it’s a perfect vibe.

Watch the official music video below!

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