Inspirational Jam: “Unstoppable”-Koryn Hawthorne feat. Lecrae

Koryn Hawthorne/Instagram

“Cuz I’m unstoppable, ain’t no hoping and wishing…say a prayer, catch a wave then I go out and get it…”

I really like Koryn Hawthorne! She’s a gospel artist with a lot of good energy, honesty, and swag. I love her music and especially this song! This track, “Unstoppable,” with a feature from rapper Lecrae, is today’s Inspirational Jam and I hope it moves you! This one is a BOP that makes me feel like I can do anything!

On the track, Koryn sings about feeling like she can achieve great things because, one, she has God on her side and because she’s staying up on her business. She’s putting in the work to fulfill her calling and be who she’s supposed to be!

It’s such an empowering track that I have started many a day with, especially when I’m feeling down and unworthy. I truly feel unstoppable with this one. For me, it’s a reminder that, if I’m going to work towards my goals, I need to believe that they’re possible. That it can be done. Even if and when I mess up. Even when I don’t feel like it. This song hypes me up so much. I hope that it encourages you too.

Watch the official music video below!

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