Inspirational Jam: “Starting Now”-Brandy

Featured Image: DisneyMusicVEVO/YouTube

Starting now, there’s no room left for wondering…Got a new vision of yourself and she’s who you wanna be. Starting now!

I wanted to share this Inspirational Jam for a long time. “Starting Now” from Brandy, as a part of the Disney Princess Collection, encourages listeners to make the most out of their lives today!

There’s a girl I find in my reflection. She is smart and kind, don’t need protection,” Brandy sings in the first verse. “She’s a warrior, and she is waiting for you just around the bend.” The song is so fitting for this new wave of Disney princesses and lead characters like Merida, Moana, and Raya who hold their own in their films as warriors fighting for an end goal.

Personally, I really could relate to this song because I’ve put a lot of my life on hold, especially the past two years with this pandemic. No longer. I owe myself more than that. I need to fight for my own end goals, for my life. I want to have the best life that I can potentially have and do the work that makes me happy ultimately. And, I think in truly walking in my light, I encourage others to do the same. I believe we all serve as inspiration for others, even if they never say a word, when we are walking confidently in our lives.

Don’t wait until tomorrow, next month, or next year. Take on your dreams, work on becoming your best self, create the life you want RIGHT NOW.

Watch the official music video below!

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