LOL: Singer Inayah Shares Her Mom Woes on the #HrsAndHrsChallenge

Okay, so by now you MUST have heard “Hrs and Hrs” by singer Muni Long that has been sweeping social media. Influencers and couples alike have been running that song INTO THE GROUND. I love the track, but I had to take a break from listening before I end up disliking the song myself.

HOWEVER, I had to share this twist on the #HrsAndHrsChallenge, where top singers have been putting their own twist on the song. Singer Inayah was not about to be outdone, as she reflected on specifically being a mom to an infant on her own cover!

“Now I ain’t had no sleep in hours. I can’t even take a shower…and he thinks all my food is ours,” Inayah sings annoyedly, with her son in her arms. She goes on to vent about his crazy sleep patterns, drool, etc. And, right on cue, the boy starts making noise like he’s saying, “Don’t go singing about me to these people!”

I’m not even a mom yet, so I can’t quite feel her pain LOL but I can sympathize! It’s from a few weeks ago but I had to share this with you all because I keep coming back to watch it. Plus, I needed something to make me laugh today.

Listen to Inayah’s take on the #HrsAndHrsChallenge below!

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