Inspirational Jam: “Make It Through”-Lakelands

Once you were young, wide eyes burning bright. Gracious and tough, unafraid of the night. Daring one, where have you gone?

I wanted to share this song from indie-pop outfit Lakelands as an Inspirational Jam today. May it serve as a reminder that, even when we go through storms, we will “Make It Through.” I knew I heard the song probably on a TV show, but couldn’t remember which one…until I looked up the audio on YouTube for this (Diary of a Future President on Disney+!)

I don’t know about you, but I’ve lost myself quite a few times throughout my life. I imagine I will do it a few more times before I leave this earth. Life can be really, really rough and unrelenting. At times, our circumstances can really take us down and turn us into people that we don’t even recognize anymore. We can lose our light, our drive, our energy for life.

This song serves as encouragement to push through the rough moments and work towards a bounce back. If you are feeling down, please know that storms don’t last forever. Give yourself some grace, but begin to take the steps you need to start working towards a better you, even in the midst of our hard times.

Take a listen to the song below.

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