Words of Wisdom: “Surround Yourself with Good Energy”-Shay Mitchell

Shay Mitchell/Instagram

Today’s Words of Wisdom are from actress Shay Mitchell (loved her since Pretty Little Liars!). This video clip is all about having the right people around you that will be supportive in your journey (and vice versa!). Others who consistently bring you down should probably be kept at a distance.

During an event, the actress admitted that she cut off a lot of people in her life that weren’t giving off the positive energy that she needed around her. “Time is way too precious to be spending it with people that don’t make you feel your best,” Shay stated.

THIS! Now I don’t believe in just cutting people off because we had a disagreement here and there. However, I want people around me who, overall, are fun, who help push and motivate me, who are encouraging and supportive, and who help me to be at my best. Life is hard enough and too short to be around negative people (and situations) if you can help it. That also means that I need to be making sure that I’m giving off those same vibes for others! Can’t forget that.

Watch Shay speak on this below!

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