We often fail to make significant progress with our goals because we fail to make changes in our daily processes to reach them. I’m guilty.

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Today’s #MondayMotivation quote is basic but takes real self-accountability and commitment to do. What do you want out of life? And what are the choices you are currently making helping you or hurting you on your journey to get there?

Many of us set goals every year, every quarter, every month, and every day. However, we often fail to make significant progress with those goals because we fail to make changes in our daily processes. You may want to save a certain amount of money this year, but you’re not going to achieve that by not sticking to a budget. This may be your year to start a business, but are you focusing on strategy? Oh, and you can say you want to lose weight all you want, but, if you’re still eating whatever you want a good amount of the time, you’re not going to hit your target weight. Even if you’re working out (that was for me, sorry).

This year and beyond, commit to figuring out what you want out of your life (new career, business, home, travel, etc.). Then come up with a real game plan of how you’re going to get there. What can stay the same and what needs to change? What do you maybe need to sacrifice in the short-term (or long-term)? Where do you need to grow? What do you need to focus on right now?

Sort it out and then get to WORK!

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