Inspirational Jam: “We Win”-Lil Baby & Kirk Franklin

“Whatever you may be goin’ through, we win…we’ll make it together, me and you, we win!
And when the clouds they won’t fade away, don’t you give up, you’re one step closer, it’s not the end…”

Starting off 2022 with this Inspirational Jam from Lil Baby and Kirk Franklin! “We Win” is definitely played A LOT, especially when LeBron James‘ reboot of Space Jam: A New Legacy first came out. I still hear it a good bit on the radio when I’m out and about.

I really love the track so I wanted to share it as motivation for someone who may need it today.

I play this song as a reminder that, no matter what is going on, I believe I will ultimately win. I go into projects and challenges with the mentality that what doesn’t break me ultimately makes me better…even when I don’t see it.

Understandably, it’s not always easy to have this mentality, especially if you feel like you’re taking a lot of hits as you work towards your goals. However, this song is encouragement to not give up, in spite of what things may look like. If you truly know and are working towards your purpose and passions, things will not always go as planned, but you will eventually win if you don’t quit.

Watch the official video below!

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