Words of Wisdom: “Be Upset About The Work You Didn’t Do, Not The Results” -Eric Thomas

Eric Thomas

If you’ve been following my page, you know I’m a huge fan of motivational speaker Eric Thomas. He’s real and honest, and we all need that tough love sometimes.

As we start a new year, I think this video is definitely appropriate. This Words of Wisdom clip requires us all to be honest about our work ethic from the year before, especially if we didn’t get the results we expected.

Simply put, you can’t expect big results with bare minimum work. You can’t be mad at the results you didn’t get with the work you didn’t do.

In order for 2022 to be different, we have to truly be committed to doing different things. We have to push ourselves even when we don’t want to do the work. That could mean getting up earlier or staying up later. Cutting out distractions that keep us from putting in time towards our goals. Making the proper adjustments and doing the work we said we were going to do (I’m talking to myself with this one too!).

Watch ET’s Words of Wisdom (featuring footage of THE Idris Elba below)!

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