First off, I (Brittany Shawnté) have been off the scene for a few months. Why? The focus was my new Monday Motivation eBook which is now available for purchase on Etsy! Fifty-two weekly musings to get 2022 started off right.

Now, I’m back to Imperfectly B. The goal is to create more content here and on Instagram on a regular basis, which is going to take more consistency on my part. So the hustle is on. Here’s your first #MondayMotivation quote for 2022!

This one is simple: let your work speak for you. It’s a new year and the New Year resolutions are out in full effect. Listen, there’s nothing wrong with resolutions, goals, and vision boards to start the year. It’s a good start to know what you want to achieve, but you have to actually set tasks to achieve those goals and then follow through. Consistently. On the days you’re feeling it…and on the ones you aren’t. Otherwise, there’s no point in even talking about it. Most people often just care about the results rather than the ups and downs of your journey. In fact, a lot of people may not even believe in you UNTIL you achieve the goal.

It’s easy to talk about what we’re going to do. It’s fun even. When we’ve dreamed about our goals, it can be fun and motivational to imagine them coming true. However, when things get hard or we get tired and discouraged, we fall off. Nah. Not this year.

I’m in the same boat with y’all, so I’m calling myself out. This is why, on a personal note, that I had to step away to finish this eBook quietly. I didn’t want to promise something and then not deliver. I just wanted to focus on the work and put it out after getting the idea earlier in the year. At certain points, you just have to put up or shut up.

Don’t just talk the talk. Let your actions speak for themselves this year and every year after.

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