Just wanted to share this simple #MondayMotivation to encourage you, as I push myself, to visualize your dreams coming to life. This may be something you already know you should do, but I’ve learned that it helps to be reminded from time to time.

When we have big dreams or big goals, it’s normal to be afraid. We may fear mistakes we can’t bounce back from. We may fear loss or failure. We fear our goals won’t happen at all.

I’m not going to act like fears don’t exist. Of course they do. I’m also not going to pretend like you never doubt yourself. Trust me, I have doubts of my own all the time. However, I’ve learned to feel those fears and self-doubts and work towards greater things anyway.

What helps is visualizing your goals actually happening instead of automatically thinking they won’t. That takes building confidence in and love of yourself and what you do. Recognize that, while others may be out here doing great things, so can you. There’s truly power in the mind and in the tongue, and it matters how you speak to and think of yourself. Your thoughts and words affect your actions which impact your results.

When you visualize your big dreams happening on a regular, you begin to act with a little more confidence. If consistent, those actions breed more confidence and, ultimately, will bring about the results you want. So expect the best instead of the worst!

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