Inspirational Jam: “Energy”-Tyla Jane

Tyla Jane Energy Single Cover

‘Cause last year was a mess, but I’m growing up. Thanking God that I’m so blessed…yeah, He showed me love. Said, “Girl, don’t cheat yourself on this, get your glow up…”

I can’t quite remember where I heard today’s Inspirational Jam (I’m certain it was a show) but I’m glad I did. Singer Tyla Jane‘s song “Energy” is such a great reminder to take time to take care of your overall health and life.

On the track, Tyla sings about staying on the grind, yes, but also about other important things like staying out of drama, cleaning up, and her skincare routine. All things that matter and can make or break your energy levels! We often think of self-care as massages and brunches, but it’s really learning to take care of yourself overall – physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, financially, etc. That’s what this song reminds me of.

For many of us (even as the pandemic goes on but we slowly get back to some new normal), 2020 was a hot mess, but also time for reflection and growth. You didn’t need to start some new, successful business to glow up. The glow up could have been coming up with a better routine for your life to make time for yourself and those you love. The glow up could have been becoming more self-aware and developing a stronger sense of self-esteem.

This song has been a recent light in my own journey towards becoming a better person. Working on my own energy over here! I hope you are too.

Take a listen to the song below.

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