Words of Wisdom: “Taking Action Breeds Confidence and Courage”-Mel Robbins

Mel Robbins

It’s Wednesday and I had to share this Words of Wisdom video from speaker and author Mel Robbins. This is for those of us waiting around to feel motivated to do things. Coming from an inspirational/lifestyle writer who shares uplifting words, that’s probably a little off brand to share, huh?

This was a real video because a lot of us make our decisions based on our emotions, which are fleeting. The problem is we WAIT to feel motivated. We WAIT to feel ready. I know I’ve pushed off work simply because I didn’t feel like doing it. But if we only did stuff when we felt like it, we’d hardly get anything done.

“You [can] accept the fact that you may never feel ready, and you may never feel motivated, and you may never feel courageous, and that’s okay. And you can still push yourself forward,” Mel shared in this clip. Confidence, courage, and consistency comes from TAKING ACTION. Action when you feel like it and action when you don’t.

Shoot, if I’m honest, I don’t feel like writing this post right now, but I’m doing it. It’s those moments of pushing through, I’ve found, that give me strength and perseverance to tackle other things on my to-do list. Your actions can’t just be predicated on your feelings. They have to be predicated on your mission and purpose.

Watch Mel’s Words of Wisdom below.

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