This is a #MondayMotivation quote to inspire you to show off your results instead of your plans!

Just as this quote says, we, like flowers, are meant to bloom. The problem is that, sometimes, instead of focusing on our growth, we feel like we have to announce what we have going on to prove ourselves and our work to others.

Maybe this quote is just for me, but I know there were times where I felt like I needed outside validation to prove that I was on the right track. I wanted to be seen and for people to think that your girl is a “success.” I wasn’t focused on actually growing and becoming what my own version of success looked like. So I took some time off the grid to focus on my own work.

I encourage that for everyone. Don’t feel like you have to announce your ideas everything you have going on to impress others. Don’t tell people your plans. Put in the work behind the scenes and show them your results.

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