Hoping that this #MondayMotivation quote from Muhammad Ali can inspire you to push forward, even when you fall. I needed this one today.

Too often, we equate success with our wins, achievements, and material things. Of course, they should be celebrated. We should be proud of ourselves for what we have been able to accomplish with hard work. But many of us know by now that there is more to success than just “winning.” Or looking like we’re winning.

Success also means getting up and pressing on when we fall down. When we royally screw up. When we don’t think we can keep going and we take one more step. I’ve been giving myself more credit lately for that, because I could very easily quit on the projects I have going on. We all could.

That perseverance helps to build you into a stronger person that can handle the adversity that comes with new levels. Give yourself credit for the moments that you rise up and refuse to quit.

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