Six Ways To Spark Inspiration on “Live Creative Day”

There seems to be a “National Day” for almost anything, but this one, I can get behind. September 14th is National Live Creative Day. The purpose of the day is to take time for creative hobbies that we may have pushed aside. Taking time for hobbies like painting, dancing, writing, and other outlets gives our minds time to reset and see things from a new perspective.

As adults, we often get swamped in work, family, and other things. So we don’t always have the time or energy to tap into our creativity and imagination with different hobbies. I challenge you (as I challenge myself) to do something today and beyond (at least once a week or month) that allows you to be creative and have fun.

Here are some great ways to explore your imagination and creativity on Live Creative Day!

Sing at a karaoke night.

Try heading out to a karaoke night with family and friends. Good voice or not, singing karaoke allows you to just let loose and have fun singing to your favorite tunes.

Trying my hand at painting at Muse Paint Bar (National Harbor, MD)

Take some kind of art class (painting, pottery, etc).

Explore more of your creativity by taking some kind of art class! Art is truly subjective and allows you the opportunity to come up with new ideas for your own special masterpiece.


Yes, you read right. DAYDREAM. Remember when you used to get in trouble in class for not paying attention, daydreaming of recess, other activities, or the future (Just me?). Well, I’m telling you, sitting down and daydreaming about what you see for your future helps you to imagine greater things beyond your current circumstances. Once you’re done envisioning the future, you can make a plan on how to make it happen!

Me at the Black Hair Experience (National Harbor, MD)

Explore a new museum or exhibit.

I love checking out museums and exhibits when I can. Looking at other people’s work or achievements can help to spark new ideas for your own work!

Listen to music and dance it out!

If you’ve been following me long enough, then you know I love music and dancing around my living room (I even took a short break from writing this post to dance around!). I encourage everyone to do that for a break. Music and dancing always reenergizes me and listening to different songs serves as encouragement and inspiration when I need it most.

Try a DIY project.

Tap into that creative genius of yours with a Do-It-Yourself project. YouTube has a bunch of different DIY folks who could give you ideas for new art projects or home decor that you can try at home. Even if it comes out a total mess, at least you can say you tried something new!

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