Words of Wisdom: “Your Life is a Series of Dreams Realized”-Elaine Welteroth

This Words of Wisdom clip from journalist, author, and television host Elaine Welteroth has been sitting in my saved collection on IG for some time. In it, she speaks about the power of reinvention and how you don’t just have to settle for just one dream, or one job, or one life.

Often, we laser in on creating a dream career, a dream body, a dream relationship, and a dream life that we can share on social media. However, I’m starting to realize more and more that, as I grow as a person, dreams shift. What you want for your life all around changes. And that’s okay.

Elaine, who left her job as editor-in-chief of Teen Vogue in 2018 to chase new dreams, knows all too well that there is more out there for all of us. “I feel like we don’t say it enough that you are so much more than your job title. And you can be more than one thing in your lifetime,” Elaine shared on The Talk. “Your life is a series of dreams realized. It’s not just about one dream. And when you accomplish that one dream, THERE’S MORE.”

I get what Forever First Lady Michelle Obama meant with her book and documentary, Becoming. In life, you are (or should be) consistently learning and growing. You don’t ever become the person you are meant to be because life takes you on this wild journey where you learn and accomplish new things along the way. While your personality at its core might remain the same, your life is a series of new dreams realized, new stories written, new adventures taken. And it’s often scary to do new things, but it’s worth it!

Watch Elaine’s wise words below.

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