Words of Wisdom: Chloe x Halle Discuss How To Push Through Self-Doubt


(Image: @ChloexHalle/Instagram)

As we kick off a new month, I’m glad to bring some more Words of Wisdom to you all. This clip of Chloe x Halle is actually from the Victoria’s Secret PINK IGTV series, “I Am Enough,” from last year. In the clip, the musical duo talked about their own self-doubt and how they fight through it.

In the month of September, specifically, I am committing to tackling my own self-doubt in some areas, so this was timely for me to see in my saved collection on Instagram. I hope it resonates with you too!

No matter what it may look like to the outside world, the sisters revealed they still have their own insecurities within their careers and personal lives. “No matter how old we get and no matter how confident we feel like we have gotten in our craft, there’s always those feelings of self-doubt and feeling like you aren’t enough. Sometimes, it will have you questioning who you are,” Chloe admitted. Halle chimed in: “During those moments when you do feel down, I feel like that’s kind of when my real work happens. I kind of go inside and I do a lot of self-reflection. And I kind of try to identify, ‘What is the problem? What’s making me feel this way?'”

Chloe x Halle went on to express how they work through these issues, which was a push for me (and I hope for y’all) to continue to use healthy outlets to express ourselves and combat our issues. It could be working out, painting, therapy, etc., but, whatever it is, find a way to let your feelings out. Self-doubt and insecurities creeps up on everybody, even the seemingly toughest of soldiers. However, taking time to reflect on why those problems are happening and throwing that energy into something productive or fun will help with that.

Ahh…I just love these two! Watch their honest conversation below and let me know in the comments how YOU push through moments of self-doubt or lack of clarity!

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