Words of Wisdom: Curiosity and Compassion Breeds Passion-Jay Shetty

Happy Wednesday! Halfway through the week…keep pushing!

I wanted to share these impactful Words of Wisdom from author and life coach Jay Shetty about the key things to discover your passion.

In this clip, Jay shares that the first thing that comes with discovering your passions is simply exploring activities that you’re interested in. We put a lot of pressure on finding our life’s work when it is really that simple.

I’ve written about this before, but unlocking your passions and purpose starts with asking yourself, What do I like to do or what intrigues me?” It could be painting. It could be cooking (or eating). It could be learning about animals. It takes time to figure out how and why you’re going to do what “your thing.” However, you can simply just start with taking a look at what you’re curious about, and then exploring and experimenting with it a bit. You can take classes or read articles to hone those interests and go from there.

Case in point, I took Zumba for almost 10 years before getting certified as an instructor. I’ve been writing since I was a kid (short stories and poems), and then turned to blogging. Now I have Imperfectly B. You just never know where your passions will lead!

Another interesting thought Jay had was that compassion (and empathy) helps to build purpose as well. My Nana would share this saying with my dad: “Into each life, a little rain must fall.” Some people are able to turn their hardships into purpose by developing compassion for others. For me, Imperfectly B started as a way to uplift myself and others after going through grief and other moments of pain in my life. Though I wouldn’t glorify “the struggle,” I’m not so sure I would have branched out into what I’m doing now if I didn’t experience hard times.

What things interest you right now? Where do you find yourself feeling compassion or empathy? Those two things can help you to discover what you’re here for.

Watch Jay’s thoughts on this below!

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