Electro/Pop Rock Duo CHAMIE Show We’re All “Invincible” on New Track

“I’m a warrior…it’s time to fight. Charging to the finish line! Victory makes me alive….”

So glad to collab with electro/pop rock duo CHAMIE (made up of Joe Sobalo and Jes Marie) on the release of their new, empowering track, “Invincible,” released on August 20th!

“Invincible” is a song that empowers everyone to believe in their magic, their power, and their dreams. Jes’ confident vocals truly shine on the song, with the bold sounds of electric guitars and a driving drum beat to back her.

CHAMIE worked on this song after Jes decided to make an anthem to inspire women. “Where I end up listening to music a lot is at the gym,” Jes shared. “I love listening to all types of music, but I found that what motivated me a lot to push myself and work out harder was electro/rock. However, almost all of the songs were by male artists.”

“I found that I wanted to hear more women in this space, so I could relate to them, but there were hardly any that I could find,” the artist continued. “I wanted to create an anthem that women could use to feel uplifted and empowered – during exercise, while crushing it at work – hey, even just getting up in the morning. It makes me proud that we wrote this song together for all the strong females out there. And it ended up being a song that anyone, of all genders and backgrounds, can listen to and feel energized and gain strength from.”

When I first heard this song, I immediately felt empowered to believe more in myself and my work. Sometimes you need the reminder that you are more than capable. You are invincible…whatever you’ve got going on, you can make it happen. Let this song be your anthem on the days you forget!

Take a listen to “Invincible” below!

You can stream the track on the platforms below. Also, be sure to check out CHAMIE’s official website and follow socials below!

CHAMIE “Invincible” on Spotify

CHAMIE “Invincible” on Apple Music

CHAMIE “Invincible” on Amazon Music

CHAMIE Website

CHAMIE Instagram

CHAMIE Facebook

CHAMIE Twitter


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