Words of Wisdom: Long-Term Confidence Comes From Consistently Sticking to Commitments-Jen Gottlieb

Had to share these Words of Wisdom from keynote speaker Jen Gottlieb today. I hope it helps those of you who, like me, have been struggling with your commitments lately.

In the clip, Jen speaks on the importance of keeping your commitments to yourself. It can really screw with your confidence when you don’t.

“Every single time you tell yourself you’re going to do something and then you don’t do it, you’re telling your subconscious mind that you don’t trust yourself,” Jen shares in the clip. “And you’re not going to have confidence in yourself the next time you go to do anything.”

Whew. Let that sink in real quick.

However, the same goes for the opposite turn of events. When you stick to what you say you’re going to do, when you commit and follow through with action, you grow more confident in what you’re doing.

The clip goes on to show Jen stepping into action, doing what she loves, which is talking to and inspiring other people. I had to share this today because it was definitely a clip I personally needed to see.

I’ll admit that I struggle with this in certain areas of my life, especially during this pandemic. Even with this website. I’ve said I was going to do different things and my plans fell through. Really, my discipline and work ethic fell through. Granted, we’re still in a whole state of pandemonium, but I can’t blame it all of that.

Ultimately, your confidence comes from sticking to what you say you’re going to do. It comes from consistent action towards your goals. I’ve learned the hard way that staying stagnant stifles your growth and how much you believe in yourself.

This video…highkey called me out! Let’s not let that be us anymore. Watch Jen speak on this below.

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