Reel Talk: What Do You Want and How Are You Getting There?

Happy July y’all! I share a lot of mini talks through Reels on Instagram and want to share them here on the blog more often. This one is certainly encouragement to see your vision for your life as well as the tasks and sacrifices you need to get there!

Use this new month (and last six months of 2021) to think about what you want, how you’re going to get there, and what you need to cut out/sacrifice right now to get there.

Of course, getting to work these last six months can be a game changer. However, this should be a constant process for you. You should regularly revaluate your goals and action plan!

Goals change. And circumstances change (look at how this pandemonium hit us!). It’s a constant evaluation process but a new month/quarter is a chance to review.

Watch this “Reel Talk” below and head to my IG to save this post for later!

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