Six Tips To Help Build Up Your Self-Confidence

A lot of us struggle with self-confidence from time to time, myself included. I truly am my own worst critic and I imagine I will continue to be. However, I’m trying my best to incorporate some new things to keep my confidence and self-esteem up.

Self-confidence really is like a muscle you have to maintain. If you continue to work it out, it will grow. If you don’t, it tends to flop and sag. So here are six tips that are helping me build up and maintain self-confidence…I hope they help you too!

★ Give yourself credit for what you’ve done and what you’re doing!

Make a mega list of all of the things you’ve accomplished in your life, and your characteristics. On the days when you’re feeling down, read that list aloud. Remind yourself that you are AMAZING in your own right! your strengths and what you have been able to accomplish so far in your life. Your thoughts about yourself have a huge impact on your actions, so speak nicely!

★ Speak words of affirmation and give yourself sweet compliments as you look in the mirror.

Speak affirmations and give compliments to yourself throughout the day, even when you’re looking at yourself in the mirror. Don’t wait for someone else to! Say positive and bold statements like these: “I am beautiful,” or “I am capable.” Some examples are below!

★ Get out of your comfort zone by trying new things.

This is a tough one, for obvious reasons. You stay in your comfort zone because it feels nice. Trying new things can be scary…but also very fulfilling and could build up self-confidence and assurance. That could be traveling and trying new excursions or going to an event to meet new people. I even encourage people to try these new things ALONE (oooh….scary word).

★ Take care of your appearance and practice self-care.

I told a family member of mine that keeping up your appearance and self-care isn’t about trying to impress other people. It’s about impressing yourself! For me, putting on a nice outfit and getting my hair and nails done makes me feel good and happy, and more confident in myself. I notice that, when I don’t take care of myself, I feel a mess on the inside and my life starts to go downhill a bit. No joke. Work on a better diet, get more sleep, and practice meditation to clear your mind. No matter what you do, some regular upkeep and self-care is key!

★ Stop comparing yourself to other people!

Ugh. Comparison is the devil. That should be enough said, but seriously. Comparing yourself to other people does nothing but take the joy out of your life. Someone else’s looks, outfits, and accomplishments does not take away from who you are as a person yourself! Embrace who you are and stop worrying about other people’s highlight reels online! And I’ll throw this in for free: stop caring so much about what people think too. They either aren’t watching one bit or lowkey are. When they are, they likely don’t care what you have going on. They might throw out some hate or they may feel kind of inspired by what you’re doing! Regardless, that’s not your business!

★ Develop new goals you want to accomplish and smash the hell out of ’em!

The best thing I ever did was get crystal clear about who I am, who I want to be, and what I want out of life. Develop new, realistic goals for your life and create action items to begin working towards them. I promise, as you scratch off each goal, you’ll feel so proud of yourself!

What are some tips you have to build up self-confidence?

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