Hoping that this #MondayMotivation quote from business executive Gustavus F. Swift can be a reminder to y’all to not rest on your laurels in life. It certainly was for me!

This quote pushes us to not let what we’ve done so far be the standard forever, even if we’ve done some incredible things. There’s always the potential for stagnancy when you decide that your current achievements and skill levels are enough.

I’ve been there. I didn’t always push myself out of my box to learn new skills (like video editing and social media marketing in this blogger world of mine). I figured, I was a good writer and that’s all I needed to be. The problem is that the world around us is constantly evolving and you have to evolve with it to stay ahead.

And it’s not just with your craft. You owe it to yourself to continue to learn and grow in your daily life. In your health. In your knowledge of the world. In your relationships. The list goes on and on. All so that you can be a better YOU.

What are some ways you think you can reach higher this week?

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