Words of Wisdom: “It’s On The Way Up That You Become Who You’re Supposed to Be”-Corey Taylor

Corey Taylor

Back to writing with some Words of Wisdom from trainer and author Corey Taylor. This video was from 2018, but it still hits hard. I hope that this short clip helps someone today.

In this clip, Corey talks about how a lot of us are in the process of BECOMING who we want to be, but we aren’t there yet. We aren’t truly walking in our life’s purpose just yet…and that’s okay!

A lot of us try to front like we have it all together (or at least a lot of it), and we really don’t. I’m doing alright for myself, but I KNOW I want to do and be more than what I am. A lot of us do. However, in that excitement, we try to skip the process of working towards who we are supposed to become. “Some of y’all got big plans for your life, but you not who you supposed to be yet,” Corey shares. But that is what this period of life is for.

It’s the period of working and waiting without truly knowing or seeing where you’re going to end up. This is the period of molding and shaping us. This is the time to become more disciplined, more organized, more confident, more WHATEVER, so that, when you get the opportunities that are in store for you, you don’t waste them.

I think that, this phase in life will continue to pop up because dreams and goals change over time. I have to remind myself ALLLL the time that my delay is not my denial. In fact, the delays are setting me up for a better future…if I choose to have a better mindset about them. Crazy how a post I wrote back in 2017 is still a necessary read for my life.

Watch Corey’s Words of Wisdom below!

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