Sharing this #MondayMotivation quote in the hopes that it encourages someone. I needed to read this myself as a reminder that all goals and desires take time.

Y’all, there’s so much that I want to do and achieve in my lifetime. So much that it can get overwhelming. So I’m taking things piece by piece, acknowledging that I also need to give myself time to allow what I’m working on to grow. Now, granted, I also need to be more committed to my brand, but I’m slowly learning to believe in myself more and hone my craft. And I keep getting better and more confident with TIME.

Listen, a slow process can be upsetting, but quitting ends the process completely. You will have times of discouragement and disappointment. You probably will get frustrated. However, time (and hard work) will allow you to learn and get better…if you don’t quit.

The problem is, when things don’t work on our timeline, we slack off or quit entirely. We have GOT to learn to be patient and give ourselves time to grow!

Share this #MondayMotivation with someone you think could use it today!

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