Janine singer

Inspirational Jam: “Loving Me”-Janine

“And it’s easier to say when I’m acting like I’m talking to somebody else. It’s easier to say but this time this is for myself…I’m loving me…”

I’m such a huge fan of New Zealand singer Janine! Her voice is so calming and her messages in her music always resonate, whether she’s talking about love, heartbreak, or life in general. On this track, “Loving Me,” Janine sings about her experience of self-love. Since this is a journey that I’m on myself, I figured it would be a great Inspirational Jam for y’all.

On the song, Janine recognizes that she needs to show herself the love that she so effortlessly gives others.

It’s a hard battle sometimes. You have moments of low self-esteem, moments where you struggle to forgive yourself for mistakes made, moments where you don’t quite show your own self the love and respect you deserve. I know you’re dealing with a lot. Trust me, I can relate.

However, I want someone to remember that you are valuable. You are beautiful. You are great. Share powerful words of affirmation like that to yourself. Show yourself love.

Oh, and, if no one has said or written this to you today, I’m proud of you.

So I simply share this in hopes that it encourages someone’s heart today. It certainly did for me. Take a listen to “Loving Me” below.

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