LOL: “Flower Man” Steals the Show at Outdoor Wedding

I LOVE love, but I especially love to see couples have fun and be silly together. A wedding ceremony typically is more serious, but one couple decided to have a little fun by inviting a relative to be their “flower man.” You just have to see this!

Skipping the traditional route of a flower girl, a bride by the name of Taylor Robinson asked her cousin to dance and throw flowers down the aisle before she walked out. The bold move resulted in complete hilarity!

The cousin walked out to Maze and Frankie Beverly’s “Before I Let Go,” a classic track for Black weddings and cookouts. Throwing flowers and breaking out in a smooth two-step, this flower man definitely did what he came to do and left it all in the aisle!

Watch below.

I love this! That Weddings are truly about the couple so it’s cool that the bride and groom did something different and had a good time with it. Congrats to this happy couple!

Get into that confidence, though! Would you ever have a “flower man” at your wedding?

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