Words of Wisdom: Viola Davis Pushes Us To Ask “Why Can’t YOU?”

Viola Davis

I LOVE me some Viola Davis! Not only is she an incredible actress who slays every single one of her roles, but she also is very intelligent and motivational. It shows in these powerful Words of Wisdom she delivered a few years back but they are definitely still relevant. Particularly on this last day of Women’s History Month!

In the clip, Viola shares that the most powerful question you can ask yourself and others is “Why?” As an actress, she certainly has had her share of negativity when it comes to shows and films. She’s certainly been asked to conform to societal standards of beauty as a dark-skinned, Black woman. However, she began to question that. “Why do I have to lose weight? Why can’t I be the love interest?” Viola said she asked of herself and in meetings. She learned from asking that simple, one-word question that she could do whatever she wanted with a character and make it her own. However, it took her getting bold and speaking up to make her opinion known, and fighting for what SHE wanted.

Isn’t it crazy how one little thought or one word can completely change the trajectory of how you see your life and how you move?

It’s timely for me as I continue to work on new things for Imperfectly B and push through feelings of self-doubt. “Why can’t I do this?” I’ve learned to ask myself. I’m capable. I’m passionate. I’m driven. Now it’s just time to get back on track and continue to build the vision that’s been placed on my heart. This video was a personal push for me today, but I hope that it helps someone today too!

Hear Viola’s wise words in the clip below!

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