This is probably a weird #MondayMotivation quote coming from an inspirational lifestyle blogger but I’m sharing it anyway. Why? For the interest of personal growth!

I love all of you for reading and supporting, and will continue to try to help inspire and push you all on the days that you can really use it. However, let’s be honest. Some of us (I say us, because, sometimes I’m included in the count) love to read and watch what other people are doing or sharing. Their life stories. Their work. Their success. We leave feeling motivated and inspired….and then do nothing with it. Or half-step on stuff.

But how many motivational posts do you need to read before you stop dragging your feet and get to work? How many quotes? How many webinars or courses?

At some point, you’re going to have to move or you can’t be upset at the fact that you’re staying stagnant. That’s not to say that you won’t have times where you stop. Where you can use a pick-me-up. Imperfectly B is here for that. Other motivational pages and speakers are there then. But don’t let us be your crutch.

Let’s get to that grind. Consistently.

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