Inspirational Jam: “Proud”-JoJo

“People either love you or they won’t…it doesn’t really matter if they don’t. I’m with you every second on this road in my heart…”

This Inspirational Jam from JoJo really blesses my heart each time I hear it. Her voice is already so powerful but soothing on this track especially. I hope y’all connect to it.

On her song “Proud,” JoJo sings to those of us going through issues that people may or may not even know about. “Picked yourself off the ground too many times to count,” she sings on one part of the song. “That just shows how strong you are.” She tells her listeners that she’s proud of them for moving forward each day in spite of what they may be facing.

Listen, life is TOUGH. We are all facing huge mountains in our individual lives and it’s not always easy. So I share this song as one of encouragement to those who may really be having some ups and downs right now.

If no one has told you lately how proud they are of you for fighting your daily battles, I’m saying it now. I’m proud of you!

Take a listen to the song below!

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