Words of Wisdom: “What Are You Doing Today for Your Legacy?”-Eric Thomas

Eric Thomas

These Words of Wisdom from Eric Thomas really hit home this morning. I hope that they hit for someone else as well!

In the clip below, Eric talks about the importance of building a legacy and how the work that we’re doing now is what’s going to impact those coming up behind us in the years to come. And it’s not a one-off. It’s not just having a few successes or a few improvements here and there. It’s consistent work. “People think legacy or excellence once is excellence forever and that’s not the truth,” the motivational speaker shared. “What happens tomorrow is based on what we’re doing right this second.”

That hits home because I think about my future family all of the time. I think about the legacy I want to leave behind for my future kids, their kids, and all of those that come after. In order to build an even better life for them, it starts with the work we’re doing right now. It starts with the bad habits we give up and the good ones that we build NOW. It starts with the trauma we heal from NOW. If we’re talking about building generational wealth, it starts NOW.

So what are you doing right now for your legacy?

Watch Eric speak on this below!

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