This quote from the late, great Dr. Maya Angelou is one that is often shared when it comes to her wide array of writings and knowledge. I think it’s an important one to share as a #MondayMotivation quote, though.

While this can be applied to several avenues, I’m going to apply it to personal or professional goals, specifically. Some people don’t move at all towards what they want simply because they don’t feel like they know enough or have enough skills. That was me for a long, long time. I still don’t always feel like I’m “qualified enough” or “smart enough” to do some of the things I’m doing. But hell, I’m doing it anyway.

This quote, for me, is a push to not let a lack of knowledge or resources keep you from at least attempting to reach your goals. Regardless, you should push a little more each day to move forward. You take small steps while taking time to learn what you can to deliver a stronger effort. You simply do what you can until you know better. Once you know a little more or have experienced a little more, you switch up your game so that you can be better. Don’t stay stagnant because you don’t think you know enough. You’ll figure it out along the way, trust me.

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