This #MondayMotivation quote from Dr. Mae Jemison (the first black female astronaut!) is for my big dreamers out there that are struggling with the people in your life understanding and supporting your ideas.

To make what could be a very long blog post short, so what?

Sadly, people WILL try to discourage you from chasing big goals, and they may even have good intentions behind you. While some people are simply haters, others simply can’t SEE the vision and the purpose that has been placed on your life. They may try to sway you to go another safe or more practical route than the one you want because they want to protect you from failing. They don’t see the possibilities of what’s ahead for you. And that’s okay. It’s not for them to understand or get.

It’s for YOU to understand what it is that you have to do for yourself.

Don’t let others stop you from dreaming big and working hard to make that dream a reality. Go into this week believing and trusting in the life’s purpose that’s been placed on your heart, regardless of what other people say. I believe in you!

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