Words of Wisdom: “Don’t Seek Validation from Anyone”-Amber Wagner (@ jstlbby)

Amber Wagner (aka @jstlbby) is a popular motivational speaker/influencer on Instagram who delivers real messages to her followers. I love this girl’s spirit so much and this Words of Wisdom video is certainly timely for me. I hope it blesses somebody today.

In this clip, Amber talks about how she is confident in herself and doesn’t need validation from anyone. She encourages us to feel the same. “The ultimate happiness is going to come from YOU,” she shared with viewers.

This is REAL. Especially as Valentine’s Day is around the corner for us singles, but just in general. You can post different pictures, dress to the nines and beat your face, or whatever else. However, you have to love yourself first instead of doing or saying anything to impress other people. Because if that validation ever goes away, what do you do then? Self-love is the key.

Watch the inspirational video below!

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