Last week, we lost the legendary actress and visionary Cicely Tyson. Actually, lost isn’t quite the word. At 96 years old, Ms. Tyson was in sound mind and working literally until the day she passed. She was a voice of great wisdom, who I listened to and watched over the majority of my life as did many others. It was only fitting that this #MondayMotivation be from her.

I can’t even imagine all of the emotions and hardships Ms. Tyson faced over the course of her long life. I can believe that these challenges taught her who she was, where she needed to grow, and who she wanted to become. They certainly had to have pushed her beyond her comfort zone to help her become this seasoned veteran that we’ve come to love.

This is how I have begun to view challenges. They push you to become greater by forcing you to push through and figure some things out. To learn and do more than you did at a previous level to ultimately become better at your craft and in life overall. At least they have for me.

May this incredible queen enjoy her rest for a life well lived and a purpose well served.

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