I really wanted to share this #MondayMotivation quote from author Mark Twain for my fellow overthinkers!

As a former executive assistant, my attention to detail and observation skills have always been on point. I also have the blessing (and curse) of anticipation and seeing where things can potentially go wrong, which has been very helpful in life. The problem comes when I overthink about ideas I have and end up not executing or trying them at all. Or not giving new people chances based on what I think might happen between us.

This quote is a reminder that, most times, the things we fear are going to happen NEVER DO. Sure, it’s smart to prepare for the worst, but we shouldn’t automatically expect it to happen. When we automatically expect that, we tend to hold back. That irrational fear and the overthinking has held me back from opportunities and meeting new people, or not going full out on ventures.

You can be cautious and take smart risks, though! Stop letting your overthinking stop you from being great.

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