Inspirational Jam: “Crown”-CHIKA


“You deserve the world and if no one else will say it, then I’ll spit it to the mic in the studio when I lay it. Now play it when you discouraged…I know chasin’ the impossible take some courage…”

I’m a big fan of rising artist CHIKA for her talent and creativity. This track, “Crown” is one of the reasons why and is a great Inspirational Jam for anyone who needs encouragement to keep going right now.

On the track, CHIKA details her own grind in her career, pushing through self-doubt and societal/parental expectations of attending college, ultimately choosing to chase her real dream of music. She is determined to make it by using her gift, no matter what anyone else may say or think, and even if it takes more courage to do so. CHIKA knows that she is deserving to make it and WILL.

The message is inspiring to me personally as I continue to work on my goals in my writing career and as a rising entrepreneur. It’s a reminder that I’m onto something greater and I can’t let any outside people or circumstances take away my crown. The same goes for y’all.

Watch the dope lyric video below!

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