Friends Get Man Colorblind Glasses For His Birthday And His Reaction Is Priceless

This man from Huntsville, AL received a pair of colorblind glasses from his birthday and his reaction was something you really can’t even fake!

Twitter user @Maciavelli_ has never seen the colors of the world, but he wanted to. He never really mentioned his desire for colorblind glasses but his friends surprised him for his birthday and MAN! The astonished look on his face at all of the beautiful colors around him blew my mind. “This is what y’all see?! Bro, what?!” he says to one of his friends recording.

It’s a strong reminder to appreciate the beauty in the world all around us and the blessings that we have, no matter how small. It’s also a blessing to have some good friends in your life that go out of their way for you like these friends did.

Watch the heartwarming video below!

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