How fast this Christmas break FLEW BY!!! Back to the grind and here’s the first #MondayMotivation quote of 2021 from Oprah Winfrey to get this year started! Let’s GO.

With this quote, simply put, you can’t keep doing the same old things and expecting different results. That’s TRULY the definition of insanity.

Yet, that’s where I’ve been. YEAR. AFTER. YEAR. Yes, I continue to have some wins because God is good, but I know I can be doing more. In order to achieve more, you have to continue to step up your game. You can’t stay at the same level when it comes to your habits and work and expect to reach higher heights. It doesn’t work like that.

So let’s go into 2021 with that in mind and put in the work towards our goals to actually make them happen. We got this!

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